5 Reasons to Stop Sleeping on Your Right Side or Stomach

1. It causes heartburn

Lying flat, on your right, or straight on your back can cause a problem called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or worsen this problem for anyone who’s experiencing it. This happens when acid and the contents from the stomach rise into the esophagus. The valve that prevents acid from going back out of the stomach area cannot control the reflux because of the gravity in these positions and the contents of the stomach are brought to the bottom of the esophagus, causing heartburn, distress, the taste of acid in the mouth, bad breath, and sometimes even chest pain.

2. It is bad for your spine and back

This sleeping posture is related to chronic back pain, according to the experts. The pressure put on your back and spine through the night in this posture is extreme because most of your weight is held in those body parts. The spine is not set in a natural position and this is why you might occasionally feel numb or need to stretch when you change positions.

3. It can cause chronic neck problems

It is impossible to breathe properly when sleeping on your stomach if you don’t turn your neck to the side. This sleeping position might lead to the development of chronic neck problems, like herniated disks, because your head and spine are out of alignment and your neck is forced to twist. The series of bones in the spinal cord are protected by discs. A constant poor sleeping position can damage the gelatinous parts of those discs and lead to chronic pain.

4. It can put extra pressure on the baby

If you are about to become a mom, you need to be extra careful with your sleeping habits, not only for your baby, but for your own health and comfort as well. Sleeping on your stomach is the number one position to avoid because the extra weight in the middle of your body puts too much pressure on your spine. More than that, this posture doesn’t give your baby the space it needs to move freely since it is squeezed between the bed and your spine.

5. It can cause facial wrinkles

Sleeping with one side of your face on the pillow is unavoidable when sleeping on your stomach or on your side. Studies have shown that this is the worst thing you can do to your face since the pressure applied on either side of your facial skin can cause facial wrinkles over time.

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